For Brothers (Evening Prayer in Jammah)

Prophet Muhammad PBUH said “Prayer in congregation is better than praying alone by twenty-seven degrees”


It is part of the mission of the Harrogate Islamic Association, inshallah, to gain dedicated prayer facilities for Muslim Brothers from the Harrogate District.

The following measures have been put in place until this is achieved to allow for evening prayers in Jammat:

Evening prayer in Jammah (congregation) in Harrogate

Brothers actively pray Magrub and / or Isha prayer in Jammah, depending upon the time of year, at various locations in Harrogate.

The prayer is lead, by the most learned brother in attendance on any particular evening.

As at 9th November,inshallah, we will be praying Isha in Jammah, commencing 8.00pm sharp.

Further information

Please use the contact us page on our website, or call the dedicated Brothers line on 07751198656 or 07989394446 for more information on evening prayers in Jammah in Harrogate.